Southwater - more than fair share of development

I REFER to the Berkeley application to build 550 houses in Southwater.

The village of Southwater has had more than its fair share of developments over the years and I think it is fair to say that the majority of people living in the village are against such development.

Various problems arise concerning matters associated with such a development, a few of which I list below.

Road congestion: another 500-plus cars will only exacerbate the already existing problems we see today.

Water supply: with what we now understand about climate change and its effects, who can tell whether or not water supplies will remain adequate in the future.

Surface water drainage: it’s been a problem for years.

Sewage: the addition of 550 houses linked to the existing system cannot be a good idea.

Agricultural land: the loss of farm land, irreplaceable once built on, is another potential disaster. The production of food in this country was not adequate to sustain us in 1942-43 - the same applies now and food supplies are required to be imported.

World demand for food is growing and climate changes, rising sea levels etc, will reduce ‘growing space’. I foresee world demand for food will impact on our ability to import all we need. We cannot afford to keep squandering our own food producing farm land.

In a different vein: countrywide, the village green has traditionally been the heart of the village community - no less in rural Sussex.

The nearest thing we have to a village green is the cricket ground which in the past has been the venue for various village functions.

This is now scheduled to be resituated on the village periphery - a decision out of keeping with all community thinking and common sense.

The people of Southwater have made it quite clear that they do not want this further development which will blight what is left of the unspoilt part of the village.

With this in mind I ask you to remember what David Cameron said in his election manifesto: ‘Local people must have more say and control over affairs which affect their community’. I ask you to listen to what our local people are saying: no more development.


Woodfield, Southwater