Sorry for upset and discomfort

Two letters received from 14-year-old Horsham boys, who cannot be identified for legal reasons (see report page four).

To whom it may concern,

I am very sorry for my actions in Swan Walk car park, Horsham. I never meant to cause anyone any harm and it was a silly thing to do.

I realised that I may have caused injury to two members of public, this was not my intention.

I have had a chance to reflect on my actions and I’m very disappointed in myself.

Once again I’m very sorry and this will never happen again.

To whom it may concern,

I am sincerely sorry and I apologise for my actions that were very disrespectful towards you and other members of the public.

Throwing eggs was very childish and I really regret doing it because I feel like a real idiot. I realise that my actions upset you and caused you a great deal of discomfort. Consequently both myself and a few others have been banned from the car park and I hope you can feel safe again.

I would like to say I have learnt from my childish mistake by the fact that everyone is so disappointed towards me and that this will never happen again, I am very sorry.