Social centre

Thank you for your interest in our plight. We are in danger of losing our pub.

Why should we the residents of Amberley wish to keep it? Why on earth not? A pub is the social centre of a village.

Why should the population of England wish to keep it? The South Downs National Park has just attained status. There will be visitors from all over the United Kingdom and from abroad. Amberley is one of the show places of the park.

Visitors will find our thatched cottages, the Wildbrooks, the castle, the South Downs Way, rare birds and plants - the list goes on.

But what will they not find - a typical English pub. Ours is now closed and under threat of being turned into two private houses.

To satisfy the plans of one man, thousands will be denied the opportunity of being refreshed and eating in a pub that has been in this village for some hundreds of years.

True it has not been a financial success recently. Could that be due to the way it has been run by recent landlords?

One only has to visit the neighbouring pubs to see what a success a well-run pub in this area can be.

If you want to eat at any of them you are well advised to book to avoid disappointment.

Unfortunately the neighbouring pubs are too far away from the heart of Amberley to be substitutes for the Black Horse.

A village without a pub dies. It becomes a dormitory. Our shop that we have fought hard to keep open is already feeling the loss of trade caused by the fact that the village pub is closed.

If we lose our pub and possibly our shop we shall start to shop and socialise elsewhere and as we drift away Amberley will die.

Ask any resident and they will tell you that they are being stopped in the street by visitors asking what has happened to The Black Horse? When will it open again?

Read the last South Downs edition of the County Times. See the picture on the front page.

See the turnout and this at 10.00 in the morning on a working day.

How many others, hard at work at that time, wished that they too could have been there to show their objection to losing The Black Horse.


The Square, Amberley