So many wrong decisions made

It is so sad, life is so short and while you are on this planet you need to be happy - and if you are not happy then delete all the unhappiness from your lives and also don’t see the people anymore that make you unhappy. My reason for writing that is as follows: Horsham District Council agreed for some unknown reason to allow Bovis to develop on a beautiful field on the back of Millfield, Southwater.

Everyone in Southwater was against it - no-one understood why; especially as schools are at bursting point, can’t get into the infants for love or money, car parking at the handful of shops at bursting point; doctors running on full as is the dentist. But they agreed on this massive development.

Well, let me move on - I went to one of the meetings held by Bovis the other evening. Millfield residents asked several questions - most of which could not be answered as planning weren’t around. So Bovis rep said he had a meeting with planning and would raise more and more concerns - not that he could guarantee answers. I asked why didn’t a representative from planning come to the meetings - he laughed - apologised - then said they WON’T!

Which I now make my second point - I have written twice to planning and only ever received an acknowledgement that the email had arrived - but no reply. Was told you won’t get a reply - WHY?

I also found out that Bovis have made the provision of £1.2m to planning/council to plough back into Southwater in any which way they choose.

I said the first phase of these houses are nearly completed but not a penny has been spent on providing extra parking, crossings up near the new estate for school children crossing to get the buses (access road to development is on a blind spot), not a bigger post office, no expansion of infants school and the list goes on! Nothing done - they should be working on it NOW!

But the final point, and the saddest part to all this - when I attended the meeting this little old frail lady, who was so lovely sat in a chair with her walking sticks, said, ‘I have lived in Millfield for 49 years and have taken great joy looking out of my lounge window at the lovely view of the field and cows - now all I have to look at is brick wall!’ She looked so sad. Bovis said we are putting a 6ft fence up so it won’t be all wall! Planning take nothing into consideration.

Life is too short - why do so many people make so many wrong decisions and then not be big enough to answers questions. We all end up in a box - so while you are on this planet make sure you and those around you are HAPPY!


Millfield, Southwater