Site should be used for housing

Regarding the new Tesco store in St Leonards Road, Horsham, Tesco has done enough damage to the local shops by its giant supermarket in Broadbridge Heath, planned to become even bigger.

Then it has its so-called convenience stores popping up all over Horsham district under cover of ‘One Stop’ stores which do not even show the Tesco logo on their store frontages.

Our council, which professes to want to keep Horsham’s reputation as an historic market town, really must put a stop to Tesco’s practice of taking over all new local sites, bankrupting more local shops. It must refuse any application by Tesco to increase its stranglehold on our local economy.

As so many other folk have said, concerned for the future of their home town and crying out for affordable homes for their own young people, let’s have some more affordable homes on the St Leonards site.

There are already several convenience stores in the locality. Ugly ribbon development will begin again if a shop replaces the old pub.

If no local developer comes forward to build these homes why does Horsham District Council not float a housing loan, to which we could all subscribe, and build (with local labour) the houses we all need so badly for ourselves.


Highlands Road, Horsham