Shameful error

I was quite astonished to find that Horsham was excluded from the Torch Relay route and was bypassed with a convoy running from Brighton up the A23 direct to Crawley.

Whoever was responsible for this omission should bow their heads in shame, Horsham being the main town in central Sussex,

Especially when Horsham is in bold print on the Torch route map, whereas towns like Crawley, Petersfield, Midhurst, and Petworth, where the Torch was actually carried by runners, were all in small print.

It would appear to be a public relations disaster by Horsham District Council and many others who were responsible for organising the route.

Surely it would not have been too difficult a task to divert the convoy from Brighton at Bolney along the A272 to Cowfold and up the A287 to Horsham and then on to Crawley.

The error is shameful by the powers-that-be.


Furze View, Slinfold