Services to the vulnerable

I write regarding your report on the cancellation of the March 24 meeting of the West Sussex County Council Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee.

As the newly-elected chairman of West Sussex County Council’s Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee, I would like to reassure your readers that the committee is committed to reviewing the impact of changes made to services received by vulnerable people in West Sussex.

Although the committee’s meeting due to be held on May 24 was cancelled, it does have six further meetings planned between now and next March, and is aiming to review the impact of recent changes to the Adult Social Care eligibility criteria this October.

The timing of committee meetings is arranged well in advance for the year ahead, and unfortunately they don’t always coincide with key evidence being available and/or the most influential time to scrutinise a priority issue.

The committee will be reviewing a report on the effect of changes to the eligibility criteria, being produced by the West Sussex LINk (the independent voice of patients and service users for health and adult social care), due in September, which should help to provide a full picture of the impact of the changes.


(Con) West Sussex county councillor for Chichester South and chairman, Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee, County Hall, Chichester