School delight at torch appearance

The pupils and staff at Leechpool Primary School were treated to a double Olympic torch appearance on July 19.

Dave Shergold proudly displayed his original 1984 torch which he carried in the Los Angeles Torch Relay.

His company, Applied Materials, sent him to the Los Angeles Olympics to represent their Horsham branch. The torch is roughly the same size and weight as its 2012 counterpart but very different in design.

It bears the Olympic motto ‘Alhuis, Cituis, Fortuis’ which translates as ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’.

Mr Shergold has many links with the Roffey area and knows a great many of the staff and families at Leechpool.

Following his inspirational speech to every year group Mr Shergold made way for the 2012 torch bearer Bob Morris. Mr and Mrs Morris were delighted to share their community torch with Leechpool as both their sons are former pupils.

Mr Morris was nominated by his company, BMW, who are sponsors of the 2012 Olympics. He was selected to run his 400 metre leg with the torch in Bournemouth on Friday July 13. He told all the pupils and staff that he wanted to share the torch with the whole community and he will be visiting many schools and sporting clubs in the area.

Every single child and adult was then allowed one class at a time, to hold the torch which at 1kg was quite a struggle for some of the Foundation stage pupils. Needless to say the staff were very keen to get hands on and help out.

The community spirit of the Olympics both past and present is alive and well in Leechpool Primary School.


Leechpool Primary School, Leechpool Lane, Horsham