Savings should start at the top

I HAVE always considered Horsham District Council to be dreadful, but I think West Sussex County Council may just be worse.

Here we have a council cutting services that most people would consider essential, while at the same time spending in excess of £1m a year on a communications department, so that it can tell us what a good job it is doing and produce DVDs telling us how we should wash our hands.

Now the highways department is repainting white lines on the roads that don’t need repainting and replacing cats’ eyes that don’t need replacing, while the roads in the county are falling apart.

Recently, WSCC spent millions moving into the best of the vacated RSA buildings in Horsham, now dubbed County Hall North. Has it improved services? No. Has it saved money? No.

I know where I would start saving unnecessary cost, right at the top.


Broomfield Drive