Save our village - Storrington

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ON THURSDAY November 10 a large turnout was seen by villagers to the Trinity Church, Thakeham Road, Storrington, supporting the Save Our Storrington appeal.

The main issue discussed and supported by all was that West Sussex County Council must address the traffic situation before even considering the large expansion being proposed by Waitrose in the centre of our village.

1. Storrington has officially recorded extreme high levels of pollution from traffic.

2. Storrington is being used as a rat run between the A27 and Gatwick so a large superstore would magnify this problem.

3. Storrington residents want it kept as a village with its quaint High Street of listed buildings, unchanged since the days of horse and cart transport, on the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (the South Downs and National Park).

4. A large development would open the floodgates for more housing, more cars and therefore air pollution.

This country was built on the village communities. Do we want to lose them all and have nothing to pass onto our grandchildren other than cities and new towns of concrete?



Water Lane, Storrington