Road sign move to cut nitrogen oxide

Your readers know that two years plus ago the atmosphere in Storrington contained a significant amount of nitrogen oxide which can cause damage to the lung. An Air Quality Area was created and an Action Plan should by now have been introduced. I am not aware of any such activity.

The problem is that the westerly branch of the A27 at Arundel has not been completed, queues are substantial and drivers have organised from the A24 to Chichester. Many come through Storrington and continue along the B2139 and A29 and many return by the same route.

I suggest that signs showing access to the A24 are positioned at the A29/A27 at the Arundel junction (eastwards) and then to the A24 via the A284.

What is the point of this manoeuvre? If and when the vehicles observe this method and the return journey is abolished the nitrogen oxide will be reduced by up to 50 per cent.


West Street, Storrington