Risk of major financial burden

The article in the County Times of July 19) about the proposed Eye project in Billingshurst was not worthy of your best traditions. It was poorly written, grossly partisan, puerile and deeply offensive to hard-working parish councillors who clearly were merely seeking to safeguard the wider interests of parishioners.

I am advised that the land upon which it is intended to build the facility has been within the ownership of Billingshurst Parish Council since 1936 and is nowadays probably worth as much as £1m.

This latest whim of the community partnership infers the council should make a gift of the land and it is arguable whether or not this is in the best interests of all the residents of the village, including those greybeards who your writer clearly despises.

It has not been made clear where the finance to construct the building is to come from. It is surely a prerequisite for the proponents of the project to state in some detail where the funding will be obtained from, the form it will take and what conditions will apply.

It would appear that the running costs of the project have been badly underestimated, hence there is some risk that local taxpayers may in due course be saddled with an unlooked for financial burden that will prejudice their interests. It is therefore hardly surprising that this prudent council wishes to take legal advice on all possible risks and obligations before they make a decision on this important matter.


High Street, Billingshurst