Ridiculous change to historic town

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Your letters

Horsham is increasingly looking like a town that has lost the plot. Take, for example, the East Street area now signposted as ‘The Quarter’. Or the proposed Waitrose/John Lewis development in Albion Way now referred to as the ‘West End’ – presumably leaving those of us living in Depot Road area of the town as ‘East-Enders’!

Who on earth is responsible for dreaming up these ridiculous changes to areas of our historic Sussex town? I imagine marketing and PR men and women who haven’t got a clue as to Horsham’s historic past.

Another example of blatant ignorance on behalf of either the developers or indeed our own council is the display of the future Albion Way development which dominates the entrance to Waitrose’s store in Piries Place.

Dig deep into the copy and one reads that the development has the approval of ‘Horsham Borough Council’. Since when has Horsham been a borough?

This apparently small typographical error betrays the sheer ignorance of the originator. Out of interest, I enquired at Waitrose customer services as to whether they were aware of the error. Their reply was that all the copy and illustrations had been vetted and approved by the council.

Our concern should be that those responsible for new developments in Horsham at least get the name of the local authority right before going any further. If one cannot trust their ability to do their homework in that small respect, why should we believe their other more expansive claims?


Bourns Court, Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham