Revamping neglected area in Storrington

IN YOUR edition of December 1 you asked for comments about the Waitrose plans to expand its Storrington store.

It seems to me that these are to pull down part of a 1960s shopping precinct, remove the existing and very dangerous supermarket delivery area, take away the ugly recycling bins and the often damaged and unpleasant bus stop area, replace a redundant garage / filling station losing that horrible little rubbish strewn alleyway that runs at the back of it, and modernise and allow more spaces in a car park that is often already full and frankly has seen betters days.

In its place, they plan on enhancing the existing Waitrose store by replacing all the above dull, decaying and unattractive old buildings of no architectural merit whatsoever with a bright modern store that does away with all the existing problems and will I am sure be very popular.

At the same time they are offering to pay for the creation of a new ‘village centre’ area at the bottom of Old Mill Drive where pedestrians can walk to the library or along the High Street with no roads to cross. This all sounds like a ‘no-brainer’ to me!

As for that supposedly extra traffic that this popular store would bring in because people might actually want to go there and enjoy using it! Well, let’s apply some logic here!

Certainly the increased number of cars can’t be more that an enlarged car park will bring – so shall we say at most an extra 60 cars an hour for ten hours? So, let’s get some proportion here and put this tiny increase in numbers against the 19,000 cars a day that we are told pass through the village every day.

And where do these ‘extra’ people and their cars that are causing such concern if the new store is attractive and brings them in currently go for shopping? Well they start off on the same local roads but end up driving further, thus pumping more fumes into the air.


Amberley Road, Storrington