Retain Horsham as a small town

I was appalled to see the page in the local paper recently showing ‘Great news, expansion of 4,500 new homes’. It looked very pretty but the picture needs to be studied more deeply.

I expect the councillors agreeing to this planning development may be thinking of the increase in council tax from all those homes, together with the other developments planned, but it will not all be profit.

There will be increased costs to pay in wear and tear on the roads, more refuse collections – will there be enough room in the depot for more vehicles? The police, fire service and ambulances will also need space.

According to the booklet Horsham Residents’ Guide, the present population is 55,000. The possible extra population will amount to about 15,000 to 20,000. They will expect to be represented on the council.

Can the council chamber accommodate half as many members again as at present? Possibly a larger Town Hall will be needed – at a probable cost of £2,000,000 to £3,000,000.

Where could such a building be found?

Are we likely to lose part of Horsham Park, that is enjoyed by old and young, together with the conservatory?

Horsham is a very old, small country town. Can we not keep it that way – please?


Mill Bay Lane, Horsham