Resign Mr Nye

HOW KIND of you to print a photograph of Horsham District Council leader Robert Nye on the front page of the County Times. I urge everyone to memorise that face so that he faces the reaction his comments deserve when he is out and about in OUR TOWN.

As several of your readers commented on the letters page, HDC should have contingency funds in place for building maintenance – any good businessman has.

What has really prompted me to vent my anger is the ridiculous comment that ‘covenants would be put in place to ensure that the type of goods sold were not in conflict with the town centre offering and therefore did not damage trade there’.

Has he not been in to Tesco lately? They sell a huge range of products of a similar type that can be found in the town. Who does he think will offer something unique? If he has any suggestions I am sure we would all like to hear them.

Mr Nye aside, I do feel that this whole issue can be resolved. Any interested parties put money up front which is used to build new and improved sporting facilities in the Horsham district BEFORE they demolish the leisure centre.

This will ensure the people of Horsham can continue to enjoy their sport and look forward to even better facilities at the same time.

Oh, but wait, Mr Nye is going to ensure a covenant is in place for any future tenant, so any sensible business will steer well clear!

Just fix the roof and then resign.


Weald Close, Horsham