Remove cars from town

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Having read the article regarding the proposed changes to the Carfax and Blackhorse Way in Horsham (County Times September 6), I wholeheartedly agree that something needs to change.

Our office is located in South Street at the bottom of Blackhorse Way.

The number of people who park outside Mooeys and ourselves, wander off to get cash out etc, is unbelievable!

The buses cannot then get through, so they sit there beeping their horns!

Why all the buses need to come through town I have never understood.

They ruin the cobbles, are noisy and the diesel fumes are not pleasant to say the least.

As the main entrance to town, Blackhorse Way is disgusting.

Bins everywhere, lorries delivering - surely with a little effort and money we can change the whole look of this approach.

I would love to see cars and buses removed from the centre of our lovely town.

David Jeffrey

Director, Woodlands Estate Agents, South Street, Horsham