Real Samaritans

Could I please, through your letters page, thank the lady, with two children and a cocker spaniel, who tried to help me get up from a fall near to my house (as I cannot kneel, two people are normally needed to haul me up!). She kindly waited while I tried to phone a friend and even phoned her neighbour to see if he could pop up and then she ran down the road to see if my neighbour was at home.

She returned with a lady and young man in a 4x4 (my thanks to them also!). Between them, one on each side lifting me by the armpits and the young man pulling me up by my hands, I was returned to a vertical position.

I didn’t get the names of my assistants as, through staying with me (about 20 minutes) she, the children and the dog must have got soaked in a sudden downpour on the way home. She was a real Samaritan, waiting with me until more help arrived!


Fulfords Hill, Itchingfield