Radically wrong to control opinion

I have just seen an article written by Theo Cronin (THE INTERVIEW: Gagged by overcontrolling bureaucratic and myopic district council) in the County Times in which he reports that no comment was allowed to be made by senior officers at Horsham District Council about the highly successful Piazza Italia held over the Easter weekend.

I share his indignation that anyone who has put so much energy into promoting and expanding this splendid event should not be able to speak openly about it.

Attitudes have changed at Horsham District Council and these do not favour staff or ordinary council members.

There is something radically wrong if only a select few councillors, mainly being the cabinet, can give opinions on local activities.

We might expect such information control in somewhere like North Korea but certainly not here in the UK, and Horsham of all places!

Experience and active participation are valuable, they should never be overlooked or hidden away from the community for political expediency.


(LDem) Horsham district councillor for Trafalgar ward, North Street, Horsham