Questioning and impartial

I can only believe that you are endeavouring to ingratiate yourself with the current Tory led administration with your obsequious, sycophantic Editorial in the West Sussex County Times of June 28.

Perhaps the WSCT has aspirations to emulate the influence of News Corporation and the wider Murdoch Empire which has been shown to be rather too close to both Tory and Labour administrations.

Are we really talking about a Tory led administration that I have endured for 30 of the last 34 years in Horsham; with its increasing arrogance and incompetence?

The recent further revelations about the UK banking sector and the manipulation of interest rates on top of the debacle of RBS, HBS and Northern Rock, that has gone on under both Tory and Labour administrations before 2010 because of increasingly lax Regulatory oversight.

It hardly makes me feel better when I am told that a number of members of Horsham District Council have significant banking experience, so we need not worry!

Yet only recently we have witnessed the overspend by HDC on the Hop Oast park and ride scheme and the debacle of the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, due to a lack of provision for regular maintenance. There are other examples.

Maybe if our esteemed cabinet members had shown a bit more savvy and used their alleged banking experience we would have saved sufficient money so that residents of Horsham district who get precious little for their council tax, would not be faced with the ‘double whammy’ of paying for green waste collection and the prospect of a return to bonfires and fly tipping.

Most individuals and organisations have political leanings. But in a district where there is only really one local media ‘organ’, it should be seen to be objective, questioning and impartial.

My observations of the WSCT over the last few years is that increasingly through its Editorials, articles and guest columns it has been increasingly leaning to the right.

That is a pity. Under its previous ownership and editor, although one did not always agree with its line, I always thought it to be fair and even handed


Smithbarn, Horsham