Public opinion easily forgotten

REGARDING the housing development plans for Southwater, the parish council, Horsham District Council, and our local MPs are elected to represent people’s opinion – something that seems to be easily forgotten.

Much has been written on the subject of the proposed Southwater development, but the people most affected would be those at Great House Farm.

Farming is an essential part of West Sussex, it is inexcusable to even think of building on productive farmland – the Charman family keep their land in an immaculate condition, and if houses were to be built then they would lose so much acreage that it would mean trying to rent some a distance from the farm.

We should be promoting farming in Sussex not building all over good agricultural land!

Farmers like the Charmans have generations of knowledge of the subject – and it is that practical experience that is so important to keep going – one can learn so much at agricultural college, but like engineering, that can be too theoretical.

There is another generation of the Charman family waiting in the wings that can carry on farming at Great House Farm – we should be proud of this Southwater family – how many other farms in the village have vanished under modern development?

Farmers like the Charmans provide a host of services to other local residents, whether it be hedging, topping or haymaking – we have lived here for 21 years and during that time I have seen so many farmers have to give up.

I trust our local MPs will put their weight behind Keep Southwater Green, and ensure that no development takes place on farmland – perhaps it is time that planning law is updated – listen to those in rural areas. After all this Government did say they would listen to ‘the people’! Now is obviously the time to start.

Remember development is all about making money, and owners of land looking to develop are rarely those that live in the county...


Worthing Road,

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