Proud of what we achieved

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We now know for sure that the Solo Caffe at Horsham station is to close its doors for the final time sometime in the next few weeks.

Myself, Duncan, and my wife Roberta would just first of all like to thank all the people of Horsham and the surrounding area for their custom and support over the last 19 years and secondly thank the public and especially the local Labour Party that gave up their own time and effort to try save the Solo Caffe with online petitions and standing outside the station collecting signatures.

I believe over 700 were collected. Thank you all for that - amazing. Sadly in the end all in vain.

The Solo Caffe was started by me and my wife in July 1999 from nothing, there was no cafe there.

It was an empty room on the platform that we made and built into one of the most loved cafes in Horsham.

We are really proud of what we achieved and loved every minute of serving you all while watching you all grow up and grow old.

Over the 19 years we also had so many wonderful young and old local people working for us - far too many to name them all - and of course the ones from further afield, like the nine Moldovan girls that so many of you got to love.

But now it’s all over TPT (London) have decided to bring the show to an end. So that’s it, our hands are tied, the £40,000 a year we paid them was not enough.

So once again thank you all for everything. It’s sad we know. They can take away our wonderful cafe. But they can never take away the memories.

Duncan Guthrie

Victoria Street, Horsham