Property tycoons threaten village

Last week’s edition of the County Times devoted much space to the subject of the Black Horse pub in Amberley, and the attempt by Plainview Planning on behalf of the new owners to turn it into two houses.

Property developers have always had their eyes on Amberley, a beautiful village with its heart – up to now – remarkably unspoilt.

We have had to fight to retain our last remaining shop (which a developer also wanted to turn into a house), and we also had to struggle to keep our village school.

Residents clubbed together to buy the lease of the shop, the authorities were persuaded to maintain the school, and both are now secure, one hopes, for the future.

Amberley does not need any further high-priced housing. What it does need is more well-designed affordable properties for local young families, built on the outskirts, and not impinging on the heart of the old village, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

If the property tycoons got their way, every inch of garden in the village would be crammed with expensive new houses.

It would become a soulless dormitory for wealthy ‘incomers’, and young families would continue to be driven out.

I hope the planning authorities will not allow the change of use being sought.

June Bassett

Mill Lane Cottage, Amberley