Prompt report to the police

My news choice from the latest issue of our favourite newspaper - ‘Brazen lie-down thief...’ (County Times October 25).

As usual a clear and concise report on an incredible - or desperate - act of criminality in full view of discerning diners in Horsham’s top quartile for evening refreshment and sustenance.

Also pleasing to learn the desperado’s disdain for onlookers was not overlooked - at least by one or two with front row seats. But why, oh why, did they ask the staff to phone the police? Time is of the essence in such circumstances and the emergency services call centre does answer/respond to mobile phone callers.

In fact my experience of police response, whether by mobile or landline, has been excellent - or do events only happen to me?

I have known a police car appear in well under five minutes, to be followed by another three or four within about 20 minutes.

But perhaps the most bizarre, at least for me, was to be confronted in a quiet Sussex country lane by a charging bull (slight exaggeration - but the fear multiplied his speed in my mind) so my cycle and I disappeared through a hedge... and an urgent call ‘to you know who’ ensued, receiving a most sympathetic and reassuring response.

Perhaps the catchphrase should be - ‘When you see it, just mobile it... on your mobile’?

Time saves lives and catches criminals.


Fay Road, Horsham