Profits or altruism?

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury’s editorial in the New Statesman certainly touched a raw nerve in Philip Circus.

Collins Concise Dictionary: capitalism - the economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit.

Socialism - any of various theories of the ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution by society rather than by private individuals, with all members of society sharing in the work and the products.

Society and sharing in this last definition implies or indicates altruism.

I have no religious label but Dr Rowan Williams is a religious leader for whom I have great respect especially since reading his web page and the contentious New Statesman article.

Could it be that the Archbishop was not writing with political intent but as a concerned Christian sincerely commenting on the financial mess that globalisation, our bankers and politicians of all descriptions, including the EU, have got us into?


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