Profit over provision

DEAR Mr Chowen: ‘Trust me’ is what you urged me to do when this issue hit the headlines late last year. But having now read about HDC’s proposals to profit from the sale of the BBHLC site and invest minimal amounts back into ‘replacement’ facilities, I don’t trust you at all.

You used a smokescreen in the form of a ill-conceived report suggesting ‘overprovision’ to tell us that we don’t actually need BBHLC so that the land could be discretely sold off for a profit. Given the public outcry at this move you now put forward a new report detailing nine options for replacements, none of which actually replace the facility we have like for like. Only option 9 comes close to replacement and would still leave HDC with a £9.5m profit. It’s a no-brainer!

Never mind the Olympic legacy that you clearly don’t want to provide for the district. Today we hear that one in three of our children are obese and yet HDC wants to take away facilities which can help to deal with this problem.

What are Horsham Blue Stars, Horsham Joggers and the various local schools to do without a local track to train on? Alongside that we hear that the social unrest of last summer was partly due to communities not being listened to by politicians. Deja vu perhaps?

Stay ahead of the game Mr Chowen. We don’t want average facilities in our district, we want to be above average. This stinks of profit over provision. Shame on you!


Oaks Close, Horsham