Problems over collection point

Who runs Horsham District Council’s refuse collection service? It seems to me that it is unfortunately not the management team and HDC, but the refuse operatives who decide where rubbish is collected from.

I find repeatedly, that having been asked by the council by letter to leave my refuse at a new collection point a few months back, that I cannot get my rubbish collected from this new point and nobody at the council seems to be offering a valid reason why not or resolving the problem.

Responses from the council on the phone have been polite but ineffective. A letter has remained unanswered. I have now resorted to contacting the official complaints department.

If the drivers were not properly consulted about this matter, they should refer to their management and not unilaterally decide to leave bins further up the road with notices warning residents that they have the wrong collection point and then thereafter not emptying the bins.

It makes us, the public, ‘piggy in the middle’.

If the council finds that it has not negotiated adequately with the drivers, then it should resolve matters and have the courtesy and courage to write to residents at least to explain the problem and relocate the collection point officially by letter, although the current situation is involving some quite elderly residents dragging bins quite a distance up slopes, which in winter will be a nightmare.

It’s an important principle. If we all took decisions in our jobs to make our lives easier, without considering the impact on those we serve in the community, there would be chaos.

I work in the public sector myself and support the right of workers to negotiate their conditions, but this is not negotiation, this tactic brings disrepute to those working in the public arena.


Springfield Crescent, Horsham