Problems for cyclists

IT IS immensely encouraging that our MP Francis Maude appreciates the importance of cycling (County Times, Horsham edition, March 22) although anyone unfamiliar with Horsham might be forgiven for thinking ‘Ah, job done then’.

In reality the job of making our district safe for cycling has only just begun. Increasing numbers of people of all ages want to cycle but don’t either because they perceive it as being too dangerous or because the conditions for cycling are simply too unattractive.

The ‘soft’ measures discussed in the article, such as better training and HGV mirrors - while good in themselves - will do nothing to address the very real problems faced by cyclists. We need proper cycle lanes and paths where anyone will feel safe riding, whether they are eight or 80.

Much more work needs to be done before Horsham district can be considered either a safe or a pleasant place to cycle.


Parsonage Road, Horsham