Prison not the answer

WHAT on earth is young Charlie Gilmour doing in prison, locked up 23 hours a day at vast expense to the taxpayer?

Sure, he behaved like a complete idiot, caught up in the drug-fuelled madness of the moment, and deserves to be punished and to make amends as far as this is possible.

But prison will possibly leave him feeling resentful if not a martyr, and will teach him nothing except perhaps a few criminal skills.

Surely it would be better to kit him out in bright orange overalls, give him a bucket of soapy water and a scrubbing brush – or better still, a toothbrush – and have him spend a week scrubbing the Cenotaph from top to bottom.

This will give him time to reflect on the sacrifice these men made and the way he has disrespected their memory, and with luck he might emerge a chastened and more thoughtful young man.

And it will barely cost the taxpayer a penny.


Curzon Avenue, Horsham