Praise for fine production

I attended the Capitol Theatre in Horsham to see the Tanbridge House School production of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

The show comprised two acts which were created after the original West End production was offered out to other production companies to reproduce.

Tanbridge House was the first to take up the opportunity to produce this spectacular.

The show was a remarkable success on all counts with not only an accurate interpretation of

the original but also with the amazing singing voices of individual singers, both male and female.

The orchestra was of a very high quality and the pupils gave an exemplary performance worthy of the highest accolade that could be given to a school performance.

Although there were great individual performances it would be wrong of me to praise one when there were so many fine overall performances.

The pupils have had to live with the Phantom production for almost seven months which culminated in a first class show.

Praise should also be expressed for the Music and Drama teachers of the school. They have spent many hours of their time and enthusiasm in bringing this show to its culmination.

The pupils are the material to be shaped and the teachers the creators.


Little Bridges Close, Southwater