Potential problems

BACK in 2003 a great deal of time and finances was spent on an Examination in Public to decide the county’s development policy up to 2016. Systems may be changing, but until then, I believe the panel’s finding should still be adhered to.

Besides that, what they said was based upon common sense known to anybody who lives hereabouts, or, like they, had studied potential problems.

I will not interpret what they decided, but will quote from their actual document:

Para. 6.56 (relating to proposals both West and South Horsham), ‘One constraint on this is the timing of improvements to the single carriageway A24 between Warnham and Capel. We note that these have now been given approval for commencement in 2006 and will take two years to complete. There is general acceptance that strategic scale development at Horsham should not proceed until this is complete, which should be in 2008 if there are no delays. Another constraint on timing is the completion of junction improvements on the Horsham western bypass.’

It goes on to say, ‘This would allow some priority to be afforded to the two strategic locations at Crawley, etc...’

It also mentioned that the sewerage works were at capacity, the proposed improvements to it, and say ‘This would relate well to the possible timing of development here, etc...’

Perhaps I have missed something and all the commitments have, in fact, taken place. Maybe I should get out more.

Or, is that access road on the bypass really there purely to facilitate egress to the twitchers who may come to see the last of the skylarks currently breeding in those fields?


New Road, Southwater