Possible good news for young drivers

OLLIE McAteer’s article in the May 26 County Times talks about the high cost of car ownership for teenagers.

I am a professional driving instructor in the Horsham area and was surprised to see you mention £60 for the initial two hour driving lesson. I charge £80 for the first five hours for new pupils.

Ongoing lessons are then given at a very competitive price that has not risen for over three years although my costs have risen significantly due to the factors you mention regarding rising insurance and fuel costs. For details please see my website www.horshamdrivinglessons.co.uk.

Please don’t blame driving instructors for these rising costs which have hit motorists in all age groups.

Insurance for new drivers is prohibitively expensive because of the high accident rate in this group.

The road safety charity Brake is to run a campaign aimed at reducing premiums for young drivers. Details are on its website www.brake.org.uk.

In brief, they believe a graduated licensing scheme will reduce the risks and therefore the insurance claims that new drivers will experience.

If true then insurance companies would see new drivers as lower risk drivers resulting in more affordable premiums. Could be very good news.


Martin’s Driving School

Timbermill, Southwater