Politicians ignore our just cause

Politicians nationwide will soon be at Cenotaphs laying wreath to our Veterans Past. Another chance for a photoshoot? Cameras will roll and bulbs will flash, heads will bow, but where are their hearts?

Recently at the Steine War Memorial in Brighton ‘Equality for Veterans Association’ laid a wreath in honour of the Sussex Veterans lost to history.

Cameras rolled, bulbs flashed, heads were bowed, but where were the invited politicians?

Equality for Veterans Association, EfVA, is fighting for justice in that, throughout their Service careers they had their pay abated by the Ministry of Defence and this money went to pay for pensions (this is how Service pensions are funded even today).

But the Veterans of the era prior to April 1975 never got their pension unless they were allowed to complete 22 years (18 for officers).

Then, as now, serving members approaching their 22 (18) year points were either made redundant or refused permission to sign on to complete the necessary time to qualify. This, after having contributed to the system by abatement as explained above!

This cannot be just.

EfVA has taken 300.000 signatures from the general public who think this is unjust, to 10 Downing Street but despite a promise from the PM that any cause with more than 100,000 signatures would get a hearing, we were ignored.

‘Too expensive to fund’ they say. But Prime Minister we paid into the fund by having our salaries abated!

You have had our contribution. Please pay us our dues.

Thank you.


White Horse Court, Storrington