Political ploy to divert attention

Peter Burgess is right. Thank God someone has stood up and said it (County Times, September 13).

Of course the ‘Police Commissioner’ position is nonsense. Another useless mouth feeding at the public trough and we certainly have enough of them.

Whoever conceived of the idea that someone working part time from outside the police force could, in any way, tell them how to do their job or influence the way it is done, works in in the same dream factory that conceived of the Regional Assemblies.

Look how long it took to get rid of them and think of the money those concerned trousered in that nonsense before heading to the hills. What it does do is give the local political parties a chance to reward one of their cronies with a nice earner and politicise the police force, something that we have never had before.

Those who currently run our police force know full well what is wrong and would correct it tomorrow if they had the chance.

The police exist to stop crime, and that means they need the support of the courts. If those that commit crime fear the consequences more than the rewards, then they don’t do it and if they do, then a prison system that deters them from doing it again, instead of worrying about what type of ping pong table they have, would considerably help.

But to have that, you need magistrates who are equally determined to support the victims rather than concern themselves with the welfare of the criminal and a Crown Prosecution Service that feels the same and prosecutes if there is a good case rather than one that is guaranteed a prosecution and thus protects its statistics.

If the police had the power to decide whether to prosecute rather that the Crown Prosecution Service that would be a start.

Given such support, the police would at least feel that making an arrest is worthwhile rather than stand by and watch the prosecution service refuse to prosecute or the guilty stream from the courts laughing in their faces.

Unless of course they receive community service which is more a nuisance to the community than a service.

Finally, for the police to provide a deterrent they have to have respect.

This has to be earned but as a start they could appear as smart police like they used to be rather than downtrodden traffic wardens shuffling around in yellow plastic.

Is this commissioner going to make the slightest difference? Of course not, but then they were never intended to.

It was just a political ploy to make us think something was being done. Smoke instead of fire and about as much use.

There is no point in voting as it makes not the slightest difference who does the job. In fact they would probably do better staying at home. At least that would save us on the travel expenses.


Brighton Road, Lower Beeding