Pointless clean-up

ON TUESDAY September 6, I was driving to work at 05.00hrs along Farthings Hill in Horsham when, to my astonishment, I passed a mini-sweeper cleaning the pavement and a road-sweeper cleaning the same stretch of road.

On closer inspection, I couldn’t see why either needed sweeping as both appeared quite clean and clear of any mud or debris.

The weather proved to be very wet and windy on Tuesday, a fact that was (correctly) forecast one to two days before, so these and other roads were given a very thorough cleaning free of charge!

Will somebody in authority please have the guts to respond to this letter and explain why:

Our council tax is being spent on such ridiculous practices when it is quite obviously not required with the weather we encountered?

We are cleaning already clean roads?

How much staff are being paid to work at 05.00hrs?

Surely in such times of tight budgets and struggling economic conditions the relevant authority (you know who you are) should be making far better use of its resources.

Do we want to repeat last year’s debacle where roads could not be kept clear of snow (and safe) in the Horsham district due to ‘lack of resources’ or are the authorities going to come up with some other pathetic excuse?


Stoneybrook, Horsham