Planning disgrace

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I READ with anger and dismay on the front page of the Daily Telegraph of March 16 that Horsham District Council has based the planning and pushed through approvals on housing in our county on draft proposals of the National Planning Policy Framework rather than wait for the final version.

In a week where we have seen major destruction of our countryside, mature trees hundreds of years old ripped up to make way for developments from Broadbridge Heath to the Berkeley site along the bypass site (ironically called Highwood), it is a disgrace.

In addition, if you add the sites on the road to Crawley which looks like a warzone with felled trees piled high, and the entrance to the Newbridge garden nursery site, where approval has been granted reducing spectacular trees to stumps, our planners have lost the plot.

The landscape of major parts of our county has been changed dramatically in the last month. Irrespective of whatever party is in power this is wrong and the legacy of these decisions and actions will have negative impacts on our countryside and for this county for decades to come.

Before it’s too late I call upon this newspaper to step up to the plate and call for an inquiry into this on behalf of the people of West Sussex.


Farthings Walk, Horsham