Plan rejection is a political ploy

I am sorry and I have not the slightest doubt that people will label me a cynic, but I cannot but feel that the rejection by Horsham district councillors of the development applications for housing in Billingshurst and Henfield is just a ploy.

This is the council that used taxpayers’ money to employ the best specialist lawyers to ensure that the housing development in Broadbridge Heath was pushed through and they suddenly develop a conscience.

I don’t think so! This is about votes and elections.

When the developers are successful on appeal, which HDC fully expects, the district councillors will turn round and say, ‘don’t blame us, we rejected the planning applications, we’re the good guys’. It will be interesting to see if HDC will use taxpayers’ money to again employ the best specialist lawyers, but this time to fight the housing developers’ appeals.

I hope the Save Billingshurst Campaign Group, the CPRE and Save our Sussex Alliance, will watch very carefully what HDC does.


Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst