Pippa Middleton montage - food wasted in PR stunt

I AM WRITING to say how annoyed and sad I was to see the article in the County Times of July 21 about The Station Beefeater Grill in Horsham making a crumpet montage of Pippa Middleton.

This follows an article on the Wednesday in the Daily Mail about a Beefeater restaurant in Gloucester doing the same thing to advertise their new breakfast menu and using 15,000 crumpets and 100 jars of spread.

Both of these in the week when I attended a locally organised coffee morning in aid of the famine victims currently struggling to survive in Africa.

How many Beefeater restaurants are there in the chain and have they all done the same thing?

I can’t imagine how much this publicity stunt must have cost and with such a waste of food. Has the Beefeater group got nothing better to do with its money?

Wouldn’t a better publicity stunt have been for each restaurant to feed a few needy or homeless people to celebrate the launch of their new menu thus avoiding the waste and helping to make these people’s day a little happier?

I hope Beefeater sees the error of its ways, add up what the stunt has cost in wasted food and donates a similar amount of money to a suitable famine relief charity.


Broomfield Gardens, Henfield