Perfect example of ‘localism’

It is staggering how a project such as the one proposed by Berkeley Homes and West Sussex County Council which is so strongly supported by so many different groups may now not happen because of Horsham District Council.

The process for developing the application was a perfect example of ‘localism’ in action which has been the envy of other local parishes who have seen how closely the county council, the parish council and the developer Berkeley Homes have worked together on the project.

Thousands of man hours of work have gone into delivering a package that will deliver some once in a lifetime benefits to the village of Barns Green.

It would be terrible if the village was to lose its school which is a possibility if this development does not go ahead.

The agreement includes the building of a much needed new single site school which will provide outstanding educational facilities for children in the area and will also deliver some additional funding for the village which will provide new facilities earmarked for the elderly, children, sporting clubs and other groups who need help.

Everyone involved in this project, the parish council, the school, Berkeley Homes, WSCC and the villagers have worked tirelessly to reach a satisfactory outcome for as many people as possible.

Along the way, many changes and amendments to the proposals have been incorporated – including a radical change in the types of houses being built so that now just over 40 per cent of the properties will be more affordable one and two bedroom residences. HDC needs to get this decision right.


Chair, Itchingfield Parish Council, Muntham Drive, Barns Green