‘People power’ can get results

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Hoorah! The splendid new Leisure Centre at Broadbridge Heath is open. It’s certainly been rather a long time coming – seven years, in fact.

I remember when, back in November 2011, local people were horrified to read on your front page that the existing Leisure Centre was going to be demolished (and there was no mention of anything to replace it).

Other readers may remember the long fight the local community had to get Horsham District Council to agree to replace the facilities.

Well, now we have a super new centre. It just goes to show that occasionally ‘people power’ can get the right results.

I’d like to say thank you to the councillors responsible – and also a big thank-you to the staff of the existing centre who have managed to keep things going so well for all this time, despite the uncertainties and disruption.

Well done you!

Sheila White

Dorking Road, Warnham