Passionate about issues

I’d like to congratulate Horsham district councillor David Holmes for the passion he showed in supporting community plans for Horsham Town Hall.

We’ve all seen what politics without passion can do at the national level and now we have seen it in action at a local level in Horsham.

I want my politicians to show passion when campaigning for important issues they believe in, as apart from anything else it shows they care about the people and issues they are representing.

Far better passionate politics than head-down robotically following a formula until the right numbers pop out at the end of the process. Because despite two Conservative councillors patting themselves on the back for a job well done, the plain fact is it was no such thing.

One of them even went as far as saying how delighted they were that this important building was being brought back to life after being empty for many years – conveniently forgetting that the only reason it’s been empty for these past few years is that HDC refused to let anyone rent it, therefore denying the community the space and losing the income this would have provided.

The council’s job is not primarily to balance a budget but to provide services to the community they serve. Somewhere along the line they have clearly forgotten this is their primary role: to serve the community.

It doesn’t take an expensive consultant to know that Horsham is already over provisioned with restaurants and yet this hasn’t prevented HDC from sacrificing community space for yet another one.

By allowing the sale of the Town Hall for a restaurant, HDC is actively discriminating against those people who desperately want affordable community space in the centre of town (and this issue is not going to go away).

HDC should be providing services and facilities for all sections of the community – it is failing to do this.

After all not everyone wants to eat out all the time – there other interests in life apart from eating and these are not being adequately catered for in Horsham town centre.


Croft Way, Horsham