Parking muddle at the Capitol

I went to the Capitol in Horsham for the 5.30 performance, and parked as I usually do in the council office car park, as it is near and much safer than the BT car park, in view of my age, to be faced with the new parking charges (which I knew were coming).

However what they have done is to seriously affect the 5.30 performance goers, particularly the older and the young families.

If you arrive at say 5.00 to collect tickets or for a cup of tea you expect to pay for the period from 5-6, but now they have put in an additional charge for the period of 6-8 with officially no returns for less than three hours.

The result is that you have to disturb people in their seats to go out of the theatre to put money in (against the new rules) or move the car and put money in.

Surely, in this day and age our council could have considered this as being particularly hard on the elderly leaving the theatre or even having to park in the BT car park. There is no way I would like to go down the back to the BT car park.

This has to have an affect on the theatre’s income in these hard pressed times. If the council wanted more money then at least make it more sensible for all, and say make a charge from 5-8. For their own employees maybe some separate charge could be sorted.

I should also add that the new map giving information about the parks, does not mention either the Leisure Centre or the Theatre, another sign of a not thinking council. We are meant to be helpful to visitors!


Thurne Way, Rudgwick