Park’s new garden is flourishing

The new garden in Horsham Park is flourishing despite difficult weather! We all know that the weather has been a bit tricky lately and the heavy and constant rain can cause quite a bit of damage. This unseasonal weather has been a bit of a worry to Horsham In Bloom as we care for the special new garden in the park. However in the end it was only certain areas which were affected such as where some cereal crops were weighed down by the rain.

On Tuesday July 10 we were delighted to present the garden for judging by South and South East In Bloom as despite the rain and gales it has continued to thrive and give pleasure to many visitors. On the day of judging the sun actually shone much to everyone’s relief.

If you have yet to visit the garden try and go there some time soon. Take a picnic!

There are several themed areas of planting which show the benefits of plants as a food, to health and healing, and usefulness for cosmetics, dyes and musical instruments. This garden has a little bit of everything, including an orchard.

The central area of planting is changed annually and this year the theme has been based on cereal crops such as barley, oats, buckwheat and quinoa.

The oats and barley looked exceptional when at their best, blowing in the breeze, interspersed by a selection of wildflowers.

All of these different areas of planting are complimented by several excellent interpretative domes. There are illustrated notice boards too by ‘Earl’ and a large book of humorous rhyming text to explain the many benefits of the plants.

The garden is accessed by beautifully crafted metal gates which were designed and hand painted by a local artist. Inside the garden there are opportunities to see the work of local wood carver David Watson who carved the pestle and mortar from a 250 year old oak tree.

His work also includes the carved sheep which are popular with small children. The natural looking curved benches with their statements about the plants nearby are by Robert Jakes.

The delicately-shaped metal benches and ornate fencing which blend in very nicely with the immediate foliage were made by Lucien Hewitson of Didafab.

The whole garden was landscaped by Thompson Estate Maintenance of Dunsfold who should be very proud of what they have achieved.

We wish them well in their bid for a BALI award (British Association of Landscape Industries).

In recent times two concerts have been much enjoyed by families and their friends who were very comfortably set up with picnics, chairs and blankets in the grassed amphitheatre area.

There are still several concerts to come and it is to be hoped that the weather will be perfect for the next one on Sunday July 22 (see for further information).

The garden is open at all times, except for the occasional private event, so why not pop in as you pass by.

It looks lovely in all weathers but a little bit of sunshine will encourage you to stay!

We shall let you know how we get on with our bid for a South and South East In Bloom Small Park Award in September.


Acting chair, Horsham in Bloom, North Street, Horsham