Park has become overgrown mess

What has happened to Southwater Country Park? We recently had friends from abroad staying and as it was a lovely evening for a change, decided to take them for a stroll around the country park.

After extolling its virtues I was embarrassed to find that it has become an overgrown mess. I didn’t expect beautifully manicured lawns but it was impossible to walk anywhere apart from the paths as the weeds (including brambles and nettles) were almost waist high.

It was not long ago we enjoyed family picnics on the grassy slopes overlooking the lake - something it would be impossible to do now.

The only picnic spot now, a relatively small area by the ‘beach’, was well occupied but strewn with litter. The ‘beach’ itself has almost completely eroded away and is very unappealing.

The overall effect is one of a wild, dirty and unkempt place - such a shame when it could, with a bit of care, be restored back to the pleasant park it used to be.

In future when friends stay, we will sit in our back garden - not perfect but certainly more desirable than the now unappealing and unloved country park.


Cedar Drive, Southwater