Parental duties and village clubs

IN RESPONSE to last week’s letter ‘Invest in the young’, I am writing as a mother of a young son in one of our villages.

My eight-year-old has just started attending the local youth club and loves the feeling of independence as well as the social aspect of going - all for £1 a week. However, although it is a fantastically run club, not all of the local kids use it.

In fact, if you were to see how many children there are in the village versus the number using it, you will sadly see it is a only a small proportion.

Although it is keeping some of the village children from hanging about on the streets one night a week, it would not stop the ones who want to cause trouble or deface village property (fortunately rarely seen in our village).

I count myself as a responsible parent and am raising my child to keep busy with the many sports and clubs available in the village, and to know right from wrong. It will not be youth club closures that would be responsible for a suggested rise in vandalism, it will be wholly irresponsible parenting.

If the clubs close, then parents need to get creative and find ways of helping to keep our kids busy, and help them all to get together in new environments.

Don’t blame the council for the cuts they are making to under-used facilities such as buses and clubs, and don’t blame them for the supposed production for ‘disillusioned people’.

Our villages will not ‘decay’, as Mr Brundish suggests, becuase of youth club closures. His is an unjustified vision of our villages futures.


Parsonage Road, Henfield