Pandering to the few

THERE is a lot of debate and consultation taking place over the future provision of leisure facilities at Broadbridge Heath.

I hope that during the consultation period as many people as possible in the rural southern parts of the district will write to the district council to remind them that they should be considering the taxpayers and residents in the whole of the district and not just a relatively small number of vociferous users who treat the leisure centre at Broadbridge Heath as if it were their own.

From what I have read, the council will never satisfy the Joint User Group and was naïve to think it would. I have lived in Horsham district over 40 years and during that time we have been spoilt by having plenty of good leisure facilities, both privately owned and council run.

People move to this area because it has beautiful countryside and scenery, it is generally clean and tidy, has excellent schools, is an affluent area with relatively decent job prospects and low crime. It is wrong to suggest the loss of a leisure centre will adversely impact on the good quality of life we enjoy.

There are plenty of other things to do and facilities to use. All the leisure facilities haven’t prevented us from acquiring the reputation as being the most obese in Europe.

My son and his family live in the Midlands. They are envious of the great leisure facilities we enjoy. The only thing my grandchildren tell me we need is a multi-cinema complex like Crawley which I understand is very popular.

I cannot see why an expensive athletics track is necessary when there is one available nine miles away at K2 in Crawley. The money would be better spent improving the leisure centre in Henfield. Time to stop pandering to the minorities.


Parsonage Road, Henfield