Outrage over new fee to empty bins

I am outraged at Horsham District Council’s proposal to charge extra for green bin collections.

All that will happen is more bonfires will pollute the atmosphere again and there will be more fly tipping.

What next will we be asked to pay for separately? I suggest if we allow the council to charge for green waste collection, it will not be long before we will be charged for blue bins and general household waste as well.

Regarding increasing car parking charges again, I for one will limit still further the number of times I use my car to visit the town and I am sure I won’t be the only one.

I will instead use my bus pass more, even if it’s less convenient. It will also reduce my chances of damaging my car on the many potholes and sunken manhole covers that never get brought up to the new road level when roads are resurfaced.


Comptons Lane, Horsham