Out of touch

The self righteous indignation of correspondents district councillors Croft and Rae over the comments made by councillor Dr David Holmes about the current administration’s attitude to the needs of the people of Horsham merely confirm how out of touch these two cabinet members and many of their Tory colleagues are.

Their letters refer to passion and social conscience and both then go on to stress their commitment to the town.

Having lived and worked in Horsham for 34 years and whose wife served as a district councillor for 15 years before standing down, we have been subject to 30 years of Conservative administrations of varying competence but increasing arrogance and isolation.

The current group are the worst yet. A situation exacerbated by the imposition of the local cabinet system (with increasingly convoluted titles for its members) by the last Labour Government, yet warmly endorsed by the Conservatives, even though it neutered the role of back bench members and vital scrutiny of policy.

Leisure centre

How Mr Rae can claim creativity and innovation when the administration of which he is a member has been responsible for the farce over proposals for Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and continuing debacle over the Town Hall, I fail to understand!

That on top of the litany of failures by successive Tory administrations including the Albion Way dual carriageway and its division of the town, the travesty of the St Mark’s development to appease Sun Alliance which has since massively reduced its presence in the town, the financially draining white elephant of park and ride and overspend on the recycling scheme.

These hardly show fiscal competence or ‘understanding and careful use of your council’s finances’ as claimed by Mr Rae. Mrs Croft has been elected because the local electorate believed that she would listen, learn, serve and respond to local people and not be part of an administration that fails to plan and spend wisely to meet local needs.

A footnote to the editor: can we please rid the paper of the increasingly overt political posturing column of Phillip Circus when the paper’s new format is adopted? Unlike most Tories, I am sure Mr Circus would not wish to be associated with Tabloid Journalism in the future!


Smithbarn, Horsham