Opposition to siting of joust

The Loxwood Joust may have been a hit with those who wandered around in a muddy field in the rain, but it certainly wasn’t for those of us who live nearby. We had to put up with a ridiculously loud PA system.

Maurice Bacon certainly doesn’t seem to have heeded the warnings from the locals about the effect that a little bit of rain can have on the Loxwood clay!

There has been considerable opposition to the joust by local residents, parish councils etc. Not just because of noise, but such things as mud on the road, traffic safety on the B2133, traffic density affecting surrounding roads and villages etc. These and more were all raised in oposition to the event licence. That was eventually issued with a number of conditions.

The position of my cottage some 500 yards from the joust field meant that the volume of the PA was loud enough to be above the TV in my kitchen!


Roundstreet Common, Billingshurst