‘Oppose closing of BB Heath leisure centre’

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DOES the council know what it is doing? It can’t find the town football club a home. The county council is closing all the youth clubs. HDC put in a park and ride that is barely used and now it wants to put up parking charges and destroy what town trade there is.

Now it is getting rid of the town athletic centre and Broadbridge Heath Football Club as well as countless other clubs. It is doing nothing for the people of the town.

How about the people of Horsham ‘rationalise’ the council? Vote out the incompetents and elect those who will work for the people.

With all this new housing being built nearby - where will the leisure facilities for them be? What about the cost of knocking down the facility - how much is that going to cost?

Surely a way can be found to finance the repairs - the council should have expected that after 25 years expenditure of this sort would be needed. The council is negligent for not budgeting for this need.

The people of Horsham need to vehemently oppose this as one step too far. The County Times should start a ‘Save our Leisure Centre’ campaign and if necessary launch an appeal to raise funds from individuals, families and local business, national business, Sport England, Olympics Funding, National Lottery and any other organisation that can be persuaded that to lose this facility is a travesty.


Wagtail Close, Horsham